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1/2 Day Science Club

Autumn Saturday Specials


September 5 - November 7
Wednesdays 11 a.m.

Letters are  Characters ©
A playful pre-reading program  for children ages 4-7 

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Parents/caregivers are children’s first teachers and play a critical role in literacy. During this fun and interactive program, parents/caregivers will learn about how children learn to read as well as how to provide effective, evidence-based support and instruction and create enriching, lifelong reading habits.

Simultaneously, children will acquire pre-reading skills through story and hands on, multi-sensory play that will enable them to begin to break the phonemic code, an essential stepping stone in learning to read.  

The best predictor of reading readiness is symbol recognition (knowing the names of upper and lower case letters) and sound symbol correspondence because it demonstrates that the neural pathways are primed for reading acquisition (also known as breaking the phonemic code). This program is designed to joyfully and playfully get all children ready to read! Different learning styles will be discussed.

Caroline Wilcox Ugurlu is a researcher and teacher. She has spent the last four years studying reading including the neurological processes involved in reading and the sociological, psychological and cultural aspects of reading acquisition and its opposite - failure to acquire reading fluency. She has developed a method to help children ages 4 - 7 break the phonemic code in a fun and playful way. She has authored a book on the subject (in the publication process).  She is passionate about the importance of reading and wants to create programs that work for all students 



Thursday, October 4
1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

1/2 Day Science Club
Bubble Mania with Casey Carle
For Children in Grades K-6

Registration is Required

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 A unique program fusing high energy entertainment, highly crafted showmanship and artistic achievement, “BubbleMania: Comedy...with a Drip!” is loaded with in-the-moment improvisation and quick wit, big band swing music, a bit of audience participation and the untamed, often unbelievable qualities of spherical liquids. Casey’s show grows from intricate, fog-filled bubble art forms and jazz inspired, choreographed routines to eventually “trapping” people inside bubbles! Volunteers will be chosen at random.

Your child will learn about surface tension and liquids. STEM & Next-Generation Science Standards Targeted: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes.

Please register online and notify Litchfield Center or Intermediate School in writing by September 20 if you want your child to ride the bus from school to the library.

Generously sponsored by the Litchfield Education Foundation.



Autumn Saturday Specials! 

September 22 & October 20
1o:30 - 11:30 a.m.
For Children ages 3-8

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Join us as we celebrate everything apples in September and everything pumpkin in October! We’ll share our favorite picture books, create apple/pumpkin crafts, and even sing some harvest-related songs!

Apples! Saturday, September 22     Click Here to Register 

Pumpkins! Saturday, October 20      Click Here to Register  

















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