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In the Jamie Gagarin Community Room & Gallery 



Jo-Ann Miller
Paintings ~ "Perspectives"

On Exhibit:
November 1 through December 28
Reception: Thursday, November 1
                       5:00-7:00 p.m.



While Jo-Ann’s interest in art came more recently, throughout her life she has pursued artistic expression. A Torrington native, she moved to San Francisco to attend La Cordon Rouge School for Professional Chefs. Upon completion, and moving back to the area, she was the pastry chef and general manager for the Egremont Inn; eventually acquiring the Inn with her husband whom she met there. Upon selling the Inn three years later and moving to Washington, DC, she started taking art classes at the Alexandria (VA) Art League.

Four years later they moved to Essex on the Connecticut shoreline and attended the Lyme Academy.Her works were shown at the Essex ArtAssociation. Five years ago they moved to Bantam and Jo-Ann joined the Washington Art League, participating in the exhibitions and studying with Ira Barkoff and Souby Boski.

Painting exclusively in oil, Jo-Ann initially did still lifes and representational works, but her true passion and current interest is in the Abstract. Not only can she put her emotional thoughts on canvas, but Abstraction allows her to paint the way she feels rather than describing the way things look in a literal sense. In this manner, the viewer can evoke a personal interpretation that is heightened by her mix of multiple palates and layered textures.





Litchfield Montessori
Following the Seasons:
The Brilliance of Light & Form

On Exhibit: 
January 3 through January 25

Reception: Thursday, January 3
                       5:00-7:00 p.m.


This year’s exhibit features student work that offers a look into how each student observes and develops a reverence for the natural world, whether through exploration of the outdoor environment or from an in depth botany lesson. Equally, as the students created their works of art, they connected with nature, and became stewards of the land.   

Featured in the art show will be creations inspired by the American modernist painter, Georgia O’Keefe, with a focus on her ability to capture the magnified elegance and form of a simple flower. Like O’Keefe, each student captured the light of summer through studying and painting a flower. From there we moved to the warm and cool tones of autumn through our exploration of analogous colors and form.

Also featured, by way of the ancient art of pottery, are luminous clay lanterns created to hold the light as the days grow darker. Inspired by the extraordinary Norman Rockwell, author, painter and illustrator, and his reflections of American Culture, heartwarming compositions of hearth and home are displayed through the medium of paint and paper-cut collage. They display cherished moments in children’s lives.  

Established in 1972, the school is located on a four-acre campus in Northfield. The curriculum and approach to learning reflects the commitment and vision of Dr. Maria Montessori, who believed that the educational process should cultivate self-motivation, encourage a child’s natural desire to learn, and promote critical and creative thinking. To learn more, visit www.litchfieldmontessori.org




Litchfield Public Schools

LCS/LIS : February 1- 12
Reception: Thursday, February 7
                       5:00-7:00 p.m.

LMS/LHS: February 14-28 
Reception: Tuesday, February 26
                       5:00-7:00 p.m.


Students at Center School have been creating art to help celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Litchfield in the year 2019.  We have been working on landscapes of Litchfield, weaving cloth as it was woven on a loom in Colonial American times and creating Colonial newspapers using our printing skills.  We are learning that there were many industries in Litchfield over its 300 years.

Grades 4 through 6 at Litchfield Intermediate School learn about the Elements and Principles of Art while developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a variety of art-making processes such as collage, scratchboard, and printmaking. Many of our projects are open-ended so that students may explore their own wide range of interests in order to incorporate them into authentic and meaningful works of art.

Art from Litchfield Middle School students will feature a variety of subject matter including Op Art, value drawings, and self portraits using colored pencils, marker, and graphite pencil. Students employed differen techniques to create abstract illusions as well as representational artwork.

Art from Litchfield High School students will include works from Advanced Placement Studio Art, Advanced Art, Painting & Mixed Media, Drawing, and Illustration & Character Design. Works feature a variety of subject matter and materials including portraiture, still life, scratchboard, ceramic work, colored pencils, and charcoal works.

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